Empty Happiness

All of us have a journey.

Everyone lives a unique path which is an expression of our individual strengths and weaknesses. We are good at some things and we fail at others. We all have hopes and fears, wishes and dreams. Sometimes we follow our heart. Sometimes we follow our head. 

We are emotional and imperfect, that is how we were made. All humans have this flaw.

We strive for perfection. We strive for happiness.

Both are sold to us everyday. Happiness in a drink. Youth in a serum. Perfection in a big screen TV. All of it is blasphemy and we know it, but we buy buy buy it anyway. 

We try to fill ourselves up on these hollow promises and empty claims and end up bloated and off balance. We collect and collect until we have too much.  Eventually the “things” that were supposed to provide happiness begin to clutter our life and our garage.

Overwhelmed by all that surrounds us, we begin to become stale and sick and tired. It’s exhausting to even contemplate doing anything about all this stuff. It is just too much work to sift through it all. And if we do attempt to clear it out we find that as we look at each item, so precious once, we feel the hollowness of its empty claim of happiness or perfection that did not come true. 

Why do we need to fill ourselves up with this nonsense when the truth is we must find what we need within?

Whether its joy, peace, love, happiness, connection, even money, all of it will only come to those who are grateful for what they have. If you want happiness be happy for something today.

Start small if you must and be happy for the air you breathe even if thats all you can muster. But start! And start NOW! Right now.

I call this a "mindshift", meaning to take your thoughts about something and simply reframe it in your mind. Simply it is to shift your thoughts and think in a different way.

This shift in mindset will allow us to move from our lack to our abundance in an instant. This is the truest miracle of all, the secret if you will, and no one can ever take it away from you. It is yours to keep.

Please join me and shift your mind from focusing on what you lack in this moment to what you have.  Be thankful for what you have. Be so thankful it puts a smile on your face and it’s even better if you can get a smile in your heart too. (If you can get your kidney to smile, now that is incredible.)

You are on your way to bliss. True happiness is yours.