THANKSGIVING!! It dosen't have to be just a holiday in November.

For me, gratitude it is a way of life. It's how I live no matter what the circumstances appear to be. I am thankful for all I have, the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

I am actually sincere about that last part. Really, I give thanks for my hardships, all of them! Each catastrophe, misstep, and failure has provided me a lesson.  It has also given me great content, but most importantly there was a lesson I needed to learn through each of my disasters and devastations.

Here are some of the unexpected outcomes of my greatest lessons:

- Divorce provided me peace. 

- Losing myself allowed me to connect to my inner wisdom.

- Out of abuse I gained compassion. 

- Bankruptcy resulted in greater responsibility.

- Searching for love in the arms of another lead me to know love is truly found within.

- Reliance lead to greater independence.

- Living through my greatest fear made me Fear Less. 

- My son's Autism diagnosis solidified the importance of holding a high vision of the life I want.

- All of this happening in one year let me know I could handle anything.

My experience of personal transformation provided an unshakable faith in the Source that connects us all. 

The truth is, it all taught me about love.

For each of these lessons, I am grateful, Oh yeah and I'm grateful for the fun stuff too; the laughter of my son, my supportive family, enough money to pay bills, a comfortable house, not to mention line dancing, music, and dark chocolate! 

I urge you to cultivate a spirit of grattitude, not just in November, but all year. And if you can muster it, give thanks for everything! All the JOY and all the SORROW!  It may seem impossible at first. It is hard to bless your enemies. It is hard to forgive this who hurt you, who abused you and tore at your dignity.  Truth be told, those who hurt you are the ones who need you blessings most!

Give thanks and you will be blessed with kindness.